Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kangana Ranaut Sexy Photos

Another sexiest photo of Kangana Ranaut.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Jiah Khan is dating Jaspreet

Jiah Khan may not be very busy these days with acting. But the lady make it up with a high profile personal life. She is dating producer Bunty Walia’s younger brother, Jaspreet.

Jiah and Jaspreet met through a common friend around four months ago, and clicked instantly. A source says, “Jiah and Jaspreet are madly in love. They tend to fight a lot too. It’s quite a passionate relationship.” “So what if UTV is not doing any more films with Jiah after she was chucked out from their film Chance Pe Dance? Jiah is not in a hurry to sign more films. Right now, she is enjoying her time with Jaspreet. She is reading a few scripts as well,” says a friend of Jiah.

When contacted, Jiah laughed off the rumours like any other bollywood hoty.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jiah Khan Sexy Picture

Here are some super sexy pictures of Jiah Khan.

This picture above shows Jiah Khan Boobs.

Here also Jiah Khan Boob is clearly visible.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jiah Khan seels to work with Mani Ratnam

After Nishabd, Jiah got many offers from South, but nothing materialised there. After having worked with directors like Ram Gopal Varma and AR Murgadoss, she now wants to work with Mani Ratnam! Jiah says, “I have grown up watching Mani Ratnam films. I really liked the way Manisha Koirala was portrayed in Bombay and Dil Se. I am waiting for an opportunity to work with him.” ‘Mani’ hai toh honey hai, right Jiah?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jiah Khan's next movie is with Aamir Khan

Jiah Khan got the rare opportunity of making her debut with Big B and working with Aamir Khan in her second film. The starlet who romanced Amitabh Bachchan in Nishabd will now be seen kicking butt with Aamir Khan in his upcoming flick.

So she's back to being her sexy self in a steamy dance in the film. Yes, it's a kinky JLo kind of a number and it has been shot by one of the best ad makers of the country. It's a completely stylised video.

But her second film and again a ‘sexy’ tag? "On the contrary I am covered from head to toe in this film. As far as the song is concerned, it's a very international song, a very energetic number not entirely sexy.
But you've shot some daringly bare photographs for a magazine cover? "I don't want to talk about that," she shrugs. Why, aren't you happy with the results? I really don't have anything to say it, she insists.

So how about talking about the rare opportunity of making her debut with Big B and working with Aamir Khan in her second film. "I have been praying for this since I was a child. So God is hearing me out and touch wood I'm really lucky that he is bestowing this upon me.

And working with Aamir was overwhelming. He's a big star, Does it help that both of you are Pisceans? She chuckles at that. Performing with legends whether it's Mr Bachchan or Aamir is nerve wrecking but they're such professionals that they put you at ease.

What about Aamir's great bod and groovy looks in the film? I remember once I was passing the sets and he was doing a scene in which he was working out and I was so impressed coz he looked just amazing. I think for an actor to be so dedicated and involved in his work to completely change his looks is something we need to look upto."

We get a lil' naughty and ask that having worked with the industry's best and most wanted men namely Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan and Shahid Kapoor, whom would she like to date in real life? "Oh God! You can't ask me this question," she screams in protest. Okay so we narrow down the choices to the two As. "You can't be doing this to me! I look upto the two so much, I respect them so much that I can't even think of dating them," she says with a laugh.

So whom do you have a crush on in real life? “There are so many. I'm a pretty young girl and like any other girl who has crushes. But I think Shah Rukh is amazing and so is Akshay. It's amazing how he's maintained himself. And Shahid is an extremely sexy guy too. I'm working with him and he's a really nice human being and someone I also respect.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jiah Khan selected for Ghajini

Jiah Khan is getting ready to become Aamir Khan’s heroine in Ghajini.
Jiah Khan had to give a very long audition for this role. Worst was the fear of rejection that played on her mind. “But, when Aamir and Murugadoss told me I was in, I couldn’t believe it! I broke down and was literally in tears. I was overwhelmed and I was so happy, tears automatically welled up my eyes and began rolling down my cheeks,” she says.

And, the other moment that’s etched in Jiah’s mind is the first day of the shoot of Ghajini. “Aamir Khan my mother that if I was a part of Ghajini it was because of my own achievement and talent. It was the best compliment I have received, and that too from the best actor of the country — Aamir Khan.” Ok, point taken, but she still has to wait for the audience’s verdict.